Chef Ramon Foodtura

At 17 years old Ramon moved to Italy to do his culinary training. In front of the culinary institute an Italian small café owner sold handmade ice cream. He taught Ramon how to make it the semifreddo way. After Italy, Ramon built 30+ years experience in transforming and running high-end restaurants in the Netherlands, Ireland, Japan & Portugal. His unique talent is making fresh handmade food at scale. During his career chef Ramon created and sold many original gelato recipes for restaurants. With Semifreddy he’s going back to the essence of food: pure ingredients, happy faces.

Marketeer Sebastian

Sebastian’s love for artisanal products and pure food started when he grew up on a winery in rural central Portugal. After living and working in the Netherlands, Brazil, France, China and Belgium, he decided to come back to rural Portugal and its pure lifestyle with fresh fruit, fresh air and water from the well. Specialized in marketing, he transformed his parents’ winery restaurant concept and revenue. For Sebastian, starting Semifreddy is about closing the gap between people and nature while creating a business driven by positive energy.